Stock Sourcing specialise in the export of goods to many of the worlds fasted developing nations. Many years of contacts and experience have allowed prices for the shipping of used laptops and desktops have been reduced heavily.

Importing used working goods from the UK offers many benefits over other options available to importers in Africa, Pakistan and the wider world. The UK has strict rules on the quality of electronic products which are sold within its borders. These rules, coupled with a large and established second hand resale market, creates a large quantity of high quality laptops and computers at low costs.

Buying laptops and desktop computers in bulk can be a difficult way to make money but when done correctly it is a rewarding business in every sense. Buying the correct stock for your market is an important first step; whilst Pentium M HP laptops may be command a high price in Lagos, it may be less desirable in Karachi.

Buying with or without shipping costs included

All prices quoted by Stock Sourcing are excluding shipping and tax. Stock Sourcing are happy for customers to arrange their own shipping when buying laptops or desktops; the weight and dimensions can be requested at any time. Stock Sourcing can often recommend competitive freight forwarders for particular countries and regions.

Many customers wish to be provided with a landed all in cost; inclusive of stock costs, shipping plus local import tax and delivery. These door to door prices are available to the most popular cities including Lagos and Accra.