Make Money – Lagos, Nigeria

Make Money Lagos Nigeria

Making in money isn’t easy, especially in high growth, highly competitive markets such as Lagos, Nigeria. The entrepreneurial spirit of the average Nigeria is second to none; the drive to succeed and be your own boss is a key national trait.

Drive and determination are essential, and a great place to start, but without the right focus and a good idea, they won’t get you far.

What makes you special?

Identifying a niche in the market is an important first step. Finding a gap between the demand for a product or service and the supply of the product or service is actually easier than it may appear. Try to use your own experiences and knowledge to identify the business sector you will operate in; if you know about refurbishing computers, why not use this knowledge as the basis of your business.

Speak with your potential customers and discover what products and services they use and if these products properly satisfy their needs. Can you find products that are similar to these but can be purchased at a lower price?

Finding Suppliers

The internet has opened up the world of international trade. From the comfort of your own home you can virtually visit suppliers and traders from all over the planet. Whilst this makes finding more suppliers easier, it doesn’t make finding the right suppliers any easier.

The world’s largest trade directory. !00,000’s of suppliers and buyers use the site every day and almost any product can be purchased at wholesale prices direct from manufacturers and distributors from all over the world.

Alibaba have systems in place to verify suppliers; giving buyers some degree of confidence in the companies they find there.

Other suppliers

Many companies specialise in supplying small to medium importers and wholesalers. Companies such as Stock Sourcing have vast experience in supplying particular regions, such as West Africa. Stock Sourcing are the UK’s premier supplier of used laptops and used mobile phones. Their connections and relationships with other suppliers in the UK make them the perfect one stop shop for import / export wholesalers looking to make money 

These companies build reputations and look to establish long term relationships with importers in Nigeria looking to make money buying laptops and mobile phones from the UK. Stock Sourcing and others understand the need for good quality used working items to be sold at a reasonable price to allow first time importers to get their foot on a very competitive ladder.

Find out how Stock Sourcing can help you make money from the niche in your market today!