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Desktop Computers – iCore & Dual Core With Great Specs- £89.30 EACH

  • Working & Repairs Computers (See Stock List) – No Repairs Attempted
  • Intel iCore & Dual Core Processors
  • Data Wiped and sold without OS Installed
  • Mix of all the Top Brands Including Alienware
  • Quantity 23 Computers
  • Average Price Per Computer £89.30 Ex Vat

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DellOptiplex 3020Intel Core i5 i5-4590 3.30GHz1
HP8200 EliteIntel Core i5 i5-2400 3.20GHz2
HP8200 EliteIntel Core i5 i5-2400 3.10GHz3
HPZ200Intel Core i5 650 3.20GHzGHz4
HPZ200 WorkstationIntel Core i5 650 3.20GHzGHz5
HPZ200Intel Core i5 650 3.20GHzGHz6
HPZ200Intel Core i5 650 3..20GHzGHz7
HP8200Intel Core i5 -2400` 3.10GHzGHz8
HP8200 EliteIntel Core i5 -2400 3.10GHzGHz9
HPHP compaq 8200Intel Core i5 -2400 3.10GHzGHz10
HPCompared 8200Intel Core i5 -2400 3.10GHzGHz11
HP8200 EliteIntel Core i5 -2400 3.10GHzGHz12
HP8200 EliteIntel Core i5 -2400 3.10GHzGHz13
HPCompared 8200Intel Core i5 -2400 3.10GHzGHz14
HPProDesk 400 GiIntel Core i3 -4130 3.40GHzGHz15
HPProDesk 400 G1Intel Core i3 -4130 3.40GHzGHz16
DellOptiplex 3020Intel Core i3 -4130 3.40GHzGHz17
DellOptiplex 3020Intel Core i3 -4130 3.40GHzGHz18
HP6200 ProIntel Core i3 -2100 3.10GHzGHz19
LenovoThinkCentreIntel Pentium Windows 7 or Newer G3240 3.10GHzGHz20
HP110Intel Pentium Windows 7 or Newer G2030T 2.60GHzGHz21
Packard BellImedia D2520Intel Celeron Windows 7 or Newer E3200 2.40GHz22
Custom BuiltCustom buildAMD FX23

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