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Samsung Galaxy For Sale

It’s often hard to find high-quality tech equipment; at Stock Sourcing we offer wholesale laptops, tablets, computers and mobiles to a number of businesses around the UK.

We also strive to provide spare parts for companies who are looking to repair large volumes of tech or replace ageing parts. This month we’ve decided to list some of our latest products which are available to make shopping easier:

60 Windows 7 Laptops – 

£4,400.00 EX VAT

This month we have 60 budget, second-hand window’s 7 laptops available.  The package of laptops includes used Dell, HP and Lenovo Laptops including Intel Core I3, Platinum and AMDE series 1200 processors.

As with all of our products in large batches, we include details on the stock list of any issues the laptops may have.

This deal works out at £73.33 per laptop.


We’re out of stock of desktop items; please keep an eye out for some additions to next month’s blog.

Mobile Phones

Christmas is always a time for ‘out with the old and in with the new’, which is why this month we’ve got a batch of 21 mixed condition android handsets.

The brands include Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB, HTC One M8 and Sony Xperia Z2. The bundle of phones works out at £45.23 each. This batch offer is at £950 EX VAT.

As with anything we list all defects to ensure you know what your purchasing, with many of the devices there is normal wear and tear damage, however, please check the stock list.

Buying From Stock Sourcing

If you’d like to purchase any of our mobile phones, laptops or tablets; please visit our website or contact us on Please be aware all of our products list any defects on the stock list; this is found at the bottom of the product page.

All of our products are legitimately sourced from schools, businesses and the general public to ensure you’re never purchasing stolen or counterfeit goods.