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Cheap Wholesale Used Laptops & MacBooks

Fully Tested Cheap Wholesale Used Laptops & MacBooks

  • Fully Tested
  • 45 Unit Pallet Boxed with Chargers
  • Operating System Installed
  • 30 Day Warranty
  • Cheap wholesale used laptops & MacBooks; ideal for exporters, traders and refurbishers. All fully tested with Windows 10 or Mac OS installed and include A/C adaptor (mains charger). Windows laptop deals are sold in groups of around 45 units whilst MacBook deals are usually around 5 units.

    Cheap laptops & MacBooks are sold with a 30 day warranty covering any issues not already stated on the stock list. The stock list also contains photos of every item in each wholesale deal.

    Laptop specifications range from Windows 7 generation Pentium to modern Core i7 processors. Bulk MacBook deals will include Pro and Air models.

    Laptops are packed in a pallet size 45 unit divider box for protection and to minimise space when shipping. Up 3 of these boxes can be loaded on a single UK 1 x 1.2m pallet.

    MacBooks deals are individually boxed and are shipped as parcels.

    Laptops & MacBooks included in these deals will range in condition from excellent to items with one or two functionality faults or cosmetic imperfections.

    Bulk cheap laptop & MacBook deals are sold in take all only batches, Once you’ve seen a bulk budget laptop or MacBook deal that works for you, drop us a call, email or contact form quoting the reference number.

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