Desktop PC and Webcam Laptop Wholesale Newsletter

Desktop PC and Webcam Laptop Wholesale Newsletter

Wholesale importers in the know will already have recieved the latest edition of the Stock Sourcing Wholesale Newsletter. Packed with the latest wholesale offers, the newsletter is a great way to be kept up to date with all the best deals.

This newsletter has some amazingly cheap Windows 7 installed Core 2 Duo laptops. This laptops, including Sony, Dell and Toshiba brands, are sold with a 60 days return to base warranty and a low 3 unit MOQ. Highly desireable models and specifications are sold at low prices and in great condition.

Desktop PC deals are also given space in this wholesale newsletter. PCs from Dell and HP are sold with 17″ monitors (Dell and HP) plus Keyboard and Mouse (giving many importers the benefit of lower import tax rates on import to Africa). Over 300 systems are available in batches of around 20 systems each, for example 22 x Dell Optiplex 745 Core 2 Duo desktops with 17″ Dell Monitors for the low price of £1705 or just £77.50 (take all only)

Finally, Stock Sourcing offers customers the option to pre-book the best used laptop stock currently being processed. Stock Sourcings consistant stock lines, such as Corporate Core 2 Duo laptops like the Dell D630, can be ordered 1 – 2 weeks before they will be ready. This allows customers to secure the best stock when it is available whilst not needing to pay the entire balance or pay for storage.

Enquire now for more information on these and other great wholesale offers from Stock Sourcing.