Import Door to Door

Import Door to Door

Buyers from outside the EU looking to import door to door face many challenges when first finding a European laptop and desktop supplier. Language and culture aside, the biggest obstacle many face is costs; or specifically, unexpected costs.

Like many companies supplying importers from around the world, Stock Sourcing has always tried to make buying from as easy as possible by offering more than simply laptops and computers. Shipping costs must always form a large part of any importers plan and establishing the exact cost is essential as early as possible. In general terms, shipping costs can be quoted as Door to Port or Door to Door, with the latter inclusive of all costs.

Stock Sourcing have now begun to provide landed, door to door costs for their most popular stock items to their most common export destinations. Door to Door import example pricing for laptops and desktops in groups of 10 or 20 units is given to each of the top 5 cities that import laptops and desktops from Stock Sourcing.

Import To

Lagos, Nigeria

Accra, Ghana

Mombasa, Kenya – To follow soon

Karachi, Pakistan – To follow soon

Dar Es Salam, Tanzania – To follow soon

The prices quoted for stock lots to these cities include all costs; Stock purchase, shipping, tax and local delivery within city limits. Landed prices with complete peace of mind and no extra charges.

Importers of used laptops and desktops have the freedom to use their own freight forwarder or clearing agent but many find Stock Sourcing’s landed prices hard to beat. Saving money on shipping and clearance is just the start, by using a professional clearing agent and freight forwarder, Stock Sourcing are able to offer a one stop shop for importers, leaving them more time to find customers and make sales.

Customers from other cities or countries can enquire today – Stock Sourcing may be able to give a recommended freight forwarder for your region or even invaluable advice on finding one.

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