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Import Nigeria – Where to buy from

Import Nigeria – Where to buy from

Used laptops and mobile phones can be highly profitable stock lines to import but finding the right suppliers and products can be difficult. Used products are available in a range of different cosmetic conditions; a company’s definition of grade A may be different from yours or your customers.

Choice and How to Buy

Stock Sourcing offer a range of used laptops and phones in good working order.  Cosmetic condition is described with any issues reported and prices adjusted accordingly.

Laptops, including HP laptops, are sold with low minimum order quantities, import customers are only required to purchase 5 or more laptops. Discounts can be applied to orders over 10 laptops or 10 mobile phones.

Customers are welcomed to Stock Sourcing’s warehouse in Haverhill, Suffolk. Laptops and mobile phones are available onsite for immediate purchase. Other regular wholesale offers including digital cameras, tvs, tablet pcs and desktop/tower computer systems.

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