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Working Laptops – Terms of Sale

Working Laptops – Terms of Sale

Warranty Period

14 Day Warranty from Point of Receipt


Warranty Working Guaranteed to

  • Power on
  • Detect the hard drive in bios
  • Working Keyboard
  • Working Optical drive (if present)
  • Working Touchpad and Buttons
  • Working USB ports
  • Working Screen without physical damage or dead pixel lines
  • An undamaged mains charger which will power on the laptop.
  • Hard Drive which has passed a S.M.A.R.T Test and been completely data wiped


Normal Wear Cosmetic Condition

Light signs of use

Any crack, substantial dent/scratch or noticeable damage to the case/lid/base will be noted in the comment section.


Not Covered Under Warranty As Not Tested by Stock Sourcing

  • Battery life or the laptop’s ability to detect a battery
  • Internal condition – No laptops are opened to inspect internal parts.
  • The laptop’s functionality post Windows / Operating System installation
  • Charger voltage (The charger will power on the laptop, we do not guarantee the voltage will be optimum)