33 x Working + Spares & Repairs Mobiles & Tablets – Deal 403

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£3,150.00 EX VAT (UK VAT Registered Companies)

£3,800.00 VAT Margin (Non UK Registered Companies)

£3,150.00 No VAT (Exporters)


33 X SPARES & REPAIRS + WORKING APPLE IPAD's, iPhones, Samsung Mobiles & Tablets – Including Qty of Unlocked iPhone 6s, Ipad 4 & Galaxy s6 – £95.45 EACH

  • Direct from the UK Public, Schools and Companies.
  • Spares & Repairs + Working products (faults listed on stock list).
  • No Repair Attempts
  • All Products Sold without Accessories
  • Latest Makes, Models & Specifications
  • Quantity 33 products
  • Average Price Per Tablet £95.45 Ex Vat

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Link to photo
AppleiPhone 6 64GBhttp://bit.ly/2xuVrqC1
AppleiPhone 6 64GBhttp://bit.ly/2xtWE1m2
AppleiPhone 6 64GBhttp://bit.ly/2xtWEyo3
AppleiPhone 6 64GBhttp://bit.ly/2xtWC9K4
AppleiPhone 6 64GBhttp://bit.ly/2xuVqTA5
AppleiPhone 6 16GBhttp://bit.ly/2xuVnXU6
AppleiPhone 5S 64GBhttp://bit.ly/2xuVvqm7
AppleiPhone 5S 64GBhttp://bit.ly/2xuVpiu8
AppleiPhone 5S 16GBhttp://bit.ly/2xtWw1S9
AppleiPhone 5S 16GBhttp://bit.ly/2xuVvXo10
AppleiPhone 5 32GBhttp://bit.ly/2xuVmTQ11
HTCOne M9http://bit.ly/2wWGQB912
SamsungGalaxy S6 Edge 64GBhttp://bit.ly/2wWGScf13
SamsungGalaxy S6 32GB14
Sonyxperia z515
SonyXperia Z2http://bit.ly/2wWV8lf16
AppleiPhone 4 32GBhttp://bit.ly/2xuVouW17
AppleiPhone 5S 64GBhttp://bit.ly/2xtWHu418
AppleiPhone 4 8GBhttp://bit.ly/2xtWAyE19
AmazonKindle Fire HD 8GB 2nd Genhttp://bit.ly/2wXaKoP20
AsusNexus 7 32GB21
ToshibaToshiba Thrive 10.1 16GB WIFI22
AppleiPad Mini 16GB Wi-Fihttp://bit.ly/2xvGnZM23
AppleiPad 4 64GB Wi-Fihttp://bit.ly/2xuS17l24
AppleiPad Mini 32GB Wi-Fihttp://bit.ly/2wXa3fm25
AppleiPad Mini 16GB Wi-Fi + 3Ghttp://bit.ly/2wXa0jG26
AppleiPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi + 3Ghttp://bit.ly/2wWZjxH27
AppleiPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi + 3Ghttp://bit.ly/2wX9ZfC28
AppleiPad 1 16GB Wi-Fi + 3Ghttp://bit.ly/2wXa0QI29
HTCOne M9http://bit.ly/2xtVV0830
SamsungGalaxy S331
SonyXperia Mhttp://bit.ly/2xtVUt632
SamsungGalaxy S5 Minihttp://bit.ly/2wWGRFd33