High End Spares & Repairs Bulk Deal

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£12,850.00 EX VAT (UK VAT Registered Companies)

£15,400.00 VAT Margin (Non UK Registered Companies)

£12,850.00 No VAT (Exporters)


239 x Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo & other branded laptops for Spares and Repairs – Core i7, i5 & Core 2 Duo All Windows 8 Generation and above – £53.77 EACH

  • Direct in from the UK Public, Schools and Companies.
  • No Repair Attempts
  • No Parts Removed (other than HDD & Charger which are stated on the list)
  • Latest makes, models & specifications – See Stock List For Details & Images
  • Quantity 239 laptops
  • Average Price Per Laptop £53.77 Ex Vat

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Hard Drive
ToshibaSatellite S50tNot Present1
LenovoX240Not Present2
LenovoIdeapadz710Not Present3
DellStudio 1557Not Present4
ToshibaSatellite P850Not Present5
HPEnvy dv6Not Present6
MedionX7813Not Present7
DellLatitude e7250Not Present8
HP15-i181naNot Present9
DellXPS L702XNot Present10
SonyVPCF1Not Present11
SonyWorn missingNot Present12
HPEnvy 15-1060EANot Present13
DellPo2eNot Present14
DellPrecision M6500Not Present15
DellE7340Not Present16
AppleMacbook proNot Present17
AppleMacBook A1278Not Present18
DellLatitude E6520Not Present19
DellLatitude E6330Not Present20
AcerCm-5Not Present21
AcerZ5wahNot Present22
DellE7440 latitudeNot Present23
ToshibaL50-b-24uNot Present24
AppleMacBook Pro A1286Not Present25
LenovoT420Not Present26
Samsung300ENot Present27
AcerAspireNot Present28
LenovoT420Not Present29
AcerQ5wphNot Present30
SamsungNp-rc710Not Present31
SonySve151a11wNot Present32
HPDM4-2033clNot Present33
AcerAspire e1-572pNot Present34
HPDv6-3319saNot Present35
AcerV3-571Not Present36
Packard BellP5ws0Not Present37
DellLatitude e7240Not Present38
FujitsuEliteBook AH532Not Present39
DellLatitudeNot Present40
SamsungNp350v5cNot Present41
DellStudio 1558Not Present42
DellLatitude e5430Not Present43
HPProBook 450 G1Not Present44
AcerAspire e1-571Not Present45
Samsung3530EANot Present46
HPPavilion gm4Not Present47
LenovoT430Not Present48
HPg6-2197saNot Present49
HPg6-2210saNot Present50
HPg6-2210saNot Present51
HPElite book 8440pNot Present52
DellLatitude e7440Not Present53
HPM6-1232saNot Present54
DellInspiron N5110Not Present55
AcerAspire s742Not Present56
HPElite book 8440pNot Present57
DellE6430 LattitudeNot Present58
LenovoE530cNot Present59
DellInspironNot Present60
DellXPS L702XNot Present61
DellLatitudeNot Present62
HP640Not Present63
LenovoLenover 300Not Present64
SonyVPCEB4Z1ENot Present65
HPProbook 6570bNot Present66
DellLatitude E7249Not Present67
AsusX53SNot Present68
HPHp pavilon g seriesNot Present69
SonyVPCEJ2B1ENot Present70
SamsungNp550p5cNot Present71
LenovoT420Not Present72
LenovoT420Not Present73
AcerAspire E1Not Present74
LenovoX230Not Present75
HPDv6Not Present76
DellInspiron N5110Not Present77
HPPavilion g6Not Present78
AsusX75vNot Present79
AcerAspire 5750Not Present80
SonyVPCEC2S0ENot Present81
AppleA1278Not Present82
HPDm4Not Present83
HP6540bNot Present84
LenovoZ370Not Present85
DellVostro 3500Not Present86
DellXPS L501XNot Present87
DellE6430Not Present88
AdventAdventNot Present89
ToshibaSatellite pro (missing)Not Present90
SonyVPCSENot Present91
DellPp39lNot Present92
Asus726ohmwNot Present93
SamsungNp300e7aNot Present94
ToshibaR50-b-14fNot Present95
AcerAspire e17Not Present96
DellP51fNot Present97
LenovoLenovo e540Not Present98
AppleWornNot Present99
HPdv6Not Present100
Samsung3530Not Present101
HPPavilion g7Not Present102
LenovoX220Not Present103
ToshibaSatellite pro c50-a-1e4Not Present104
HPProbook 6470bNot Present105
HPProbook 6470bNot Present106
DellLatitude E5530Not Present107
HP14-no55saNot Present108
HPPavilion 15Not Present109
HPPavilion dv6Not Present110
HPElitebook 8440pNot Present111
LenovoT410Not Present112
AcerAspire 5742Not Present113
ToshibaSatellite l655-16fNot Present114
SamsungSF310Not Present115
HPPavilon dv7Not Present116
SamsungNp300e5aNot Present117
DellInspiron 15-3521Not Present118
HPPavillion g6Not Present119
SamsungNp300e5aNot Present120
Samsung3530ECNot Present121
HPG72Not Present122
AcerAspire E1Not Present123
SonyPcg-71313mNot Present124
ToshibaSatellite C670Not Present125
Samsung300eNot Present126
ToshibaSatellite Pro C650Not Present127
AcerCm-5Not Present128
SonyVpceb2m1eNot Present129
HPPavillion (6Not Present130
AcerMissingNot Present131
LenovoLie over g580Not Present132
DellInspiron N7010Not Present133
DellLatitude e5530Not Present134
Fujitsu SiemensLifeBook A512Not Present135
ToshibaSatellite R830Not Present136
FujitsuA532Not Present137
DellLatitude e5440Not Present138
DellLatitude e5440Not Present139
ToshibaSatelliteNot Present140
SonySve151j13mNot Present141
SamsungRv520Not Present142
SonySvf152c29mNot Present143
SonyVPCEHNot Present144
AcerE1-571Not Present145
SonySve14ag15mNot Present146
DellLatitude E5440Not Present147
HPPavIlon g6Not Present148
AcerAspire e1-571Not Present149
HP15-e081eaNot Present150
LenovoG580Not Present151
SamsungNp3530ec-aocdxNot Present152
HPPavilion g6Not Present153
HPPavillion g6Not Present154
HPG6-100saNot Present155
SamsungRV511Not Present156
ToshibaC660-1d7Not Present157
HPPavilion g6Not Present158
Fujitsu SiemensA512Not Present159
HPG6-2168saNot Present160
ToshibaSatellite L655Not Present161
LenovoG50Not Present162
ToshibaL750Not Present163
AcerAspire TMP253-MNot Present164
DellInspiron 1764Not Present165
AcerAspire 5742Not Present166
ToshibaC660-1j2Not Present167
AcerE5-571Not Present168
DellInspiron 15rNot Present169
Fujitsu SiemensS710Not Present170
HPPavilionNot Present171
DellVostro 3500Not Present172
AsusF555lNot Present173
ToshibaL50-c-20gNot Present174
ToshibaSatellite C600-174Not Present175
DellXPS L501XNot Present176
Dell15r-5537Not Present177
ToshibaL750-1rjNot Present178
ToshibaSatellite r830-17mNot Present179
HPWornNot Present180
LenovoB50-80Not Present181
HP15-ab044saNot Present182
FujitsuLife book a seriesNot Present183
AsusX54HNot Present184
ToshibaSatellite L755Not Present185
AcerAspire E1-571Not Present186
Samsung300ENot Present187
AcerAspire 4830Not Present188
LenovoG570Not Present189
AcerAspire 5750Not Present190
HPE020saNot Present191
Samsung540uNot Present192
ToshibaC660-21zNot Present193
FujitsuLife book A544Not Present194
AsusA52fNot Present195
HPPavilion g6Not Present196
Fujitsu SiemensAH530Not Present197
ToshibaSatellite L50Not Present198
HP250 G3Not Present199
ToshibaSatellite C50Not Present200
AsusX552ENot Present201
Samsung500CNot Present202
Packard BellEasynote teNot Present203
ToshibaSatellite C55Not Present204
Samsung270ENot Present205
Fujitsu SiemensLife book a seriesNot Present206
AcerQ5wphNot Present207
ToshibaSatellite C70Not Present208
AsusK55ANot Present209
Samsung270ENot Present210
DellInspiron 15-3521Not Present211
DellInspiron 15-3521Not Present212
AcerAspire V5Not Present213
AcerAspire e1-531Not Present214
ToshibaC50-A-1JMNot Present215
ToshibaL-50-B-1DZNot Present216
AcerAspire /VNot Present217
HP15-e040saNot Present218
LenovoG505sNot Present219
HPPavilion g6Not Present220
HP455Not Present221
LenovoZ585Not Present222
LenovoG585Not Present223
ToshibaSatelliteNot Present224
ToshibaC850d-12lNot Present225
ToshibaSatellite C855D-13NNot Present226
HPg6Not Present227
CompaqCq58Not Present228
Packard BellQ5wt6Not Present229
ToshibaC50d-a-11qNot Present230
LenovoG585Not Present231
HPg6-2242saNot Present232
MedionE6234Not Present233
ToshibaC850-19zNot Present234
AsusAltec LansingNot Present235
AsusX551mNot Present236
LenovoIdeapad 100sNot Present237
HP15-p189saNot Present238
LenovoFlex 10Not Present239