Mixed Ipod deal 105/6/7

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£2,500.00 EX VAT (UK VAT Registered Companies)

£3,000.00 VAT Margin (Non UK Registered Companies)

£2,500.00 No VAT (Exporters)


102 X MIXED CONDITION APPLE ipods – Including IPOD TOUCH, NANO & CLASSIC – £24.50 Each

  • Direct from the UK Public, Schools and Companies.
  • Mixture of Working and Repair ipods.
  • No Repair Attempts
  • All Products Sold without Accessories
  • Latest Makes & Models
  • Quantity 102 products
  • Average Price Per iPod £24.50 Ex Vat

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Touch Screen Present
AppleiPod Touch 5th Gen (32gb) (Model A1509, A1421)Yes1
AppleiPod Touch 4th Gen (32gb) (Model A1367)Yes2
AppleiPod Touch 4th Gen (32gb) (Model A1367)Yes3
AppleiPod Touch 4th Gen (32gb) (Model A1367)Yes4
AppleiPod Touch 4th Gen (32gb) (Model A1367)Yes5
AppleiPod Touch 4th Gen (8gb) Model A1367)Yes6
AppleiPod Touch 4th Gen (8gb) Model A1367)Yes7
AppleiPod Touch 4th Gen (8gb) Model A1367)Yes8
AppleiPod Touch 4th Gen (8gb) Model A1367)Yes9
AppleiPod Touch 4th Gen (8gb) Model A1367)Yes10
AppleiPod Touch 4th Gen (8gb) Model A1367)Yes11
AppleiPod Touch 4th Gen (8gb) Model A1367)Yes12
AppleiPod Touch 3rd Gen (32gb) (Model A1318)Yes13
AppleiPod Touch 2nd Gen (8gb) (Model A1288)Yes14
AppleiPod Touch 2nd Gen (32gb) (Model A1288)Yes15
AppleiPod Touch 2nd Gen (16gb) (Model A1288)NA16
AppleiPod Touch 2nd Gen (16gb) (Model A1288)Yes17
AppleiPod Touch 2nd Gen (8gb) (Model A1288)Yes18
AppleiPod Touch 1st Gen (8gb) (Model A1213)Yes19
AppleiPod Shuffle 4th Gen (2gb) (Model A1373)NA20
AppleiPod Shuffle 4th Gen (2gb) (Model A1373)NA21
AppleiPod Shuffle 2nd Gen (1gb) (Model A1204)Yes22
AppleiPod Nano 7th Gen (16gb) (Model A1446)Yes23
AppleiPod Nano 7th Gen (16gb) (Model A1446)Yes24
AppleiPod Nano 5th Gen (8gb) (Model A1320)NA25
AppleiPod Nano 5th Gen (8gb) (Model A1320)NA26
AppleiPod Nano 5th Gen (16gb) (Model A1320)Yes27
AppleiPod Nano 5th Gen (16gb) (Model A1320)NA28
AppleiPod Nano 5th Gen (16gb) (Model A1320)NA29
AppleiPod Nano 5th Gen (16gb) (Model A1320)NA30
AppleiPod Nano 4th Gen (8gb) (Model A1285)NA31
AppleiPod Nano 4th Gen (8gb) (Model A1285)NA32
AppleiPod Nano 4th Gen (8gb) (Model A1285)NA33
AppleiPod Nano 4th Gen (8gb) (Model A1285)NA34
AppleiPod Nano 3rd Gen (8gb) (Model A1236)NA35
AppleiPod Nano 3rd Gen (8gb) (Model A1236)NA36
AppleiPod Nano 3rd Gen (4gb) (Model A1236)NA37
AppleiPod Nano 3rd Gen (4gb) (Model A1236)NA38
AppleiPod Nano 2nd Gen (8gb) (Model A1199)NA39
AppleiPod Nano 2nd Gen (4gb) (Model A1199)NA40
AppleiPod Nano 1st Gen (2gb) (Model A1137)NA41
AppleiPod Nano 1st Gen (2gb) (Model A1137)NA42
AppleiPod Mini 1st Gen (4gb) (Model A1051)NA43
AppleiPod Classic 7th gen (160gb) (Model A1238)NA44
AppleiPod Classic 6th Gen (160gb) (Model A1238)NA45
AppleiPod Classic 5th Gen (80gb) (Model M8541)NA46
AppleiPod Classic 5th Gen (30gb) (Model M8541)NA47
AppleiPod Classic 5th Gen (30gb) (Model M8541)NA48