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Why Buy Used Gadgets?

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Buying used gadgets has always carried a risk, especially when you buy them offline from places like eBay.

Purchasing From A Reliable Source

Sourcing technology from a reliable source can be one of the most challenging elements of buying second hand. It’s vital you know where you’re buying from for several reasons; firstly stolen goods often end up on the second-hand market, secondly ensuring you know what’s wrong with a device if it’s broken before you buy it.

Buying gadgets from a reputable company such as Stock Sourcing can ensure the gadgets are in a working condition; it can also mean if there are problems with them you’re informed first.

At Stock Sourcing we ensure all our gadgets are checked thoroughly to ensure we know what’s wrong with them or if they are fully working.

Where are our gadgets from?

We source lots of used gadgets from various places; for example, companies and schools often buy computers in vast quantities to update their technology meaning a single company can recycle 30-100 devices in one go. Some may have faults, others may look like they are brand new, depending on how much use they have had.

Brand new technology is becoming extremely expensive. Companies are much more open to buying used tech; for the same reason leasing, a car is more viable than buying a brand new one.

Consumers have become far more comfortable with buying used technology since brands like Apple began replacing broken iPhones and tablets with refurbished models.

At stock sourcing, we pride ourselves on providing wholesale quantities of laptops, PC’s, Games Consoles and wide ranges of electronics. Many of our customers look to purchase these items for office environments, re-sale and education.

Broken and Faulty Products

When providing stock we always review them first; often in a large batch of products, you will find some have minor faults or issues. These will always be listed in the description to enable you to judge how many will require repair work.

On our list, we also list how much each item is worth; for example, a batch of 67 iPhones and iPads we list the price as £41.04 each. We will also ensure we list the source where possible and if there has been an attempt made to repair a device.

If you’d like to purchase any of the products you’ve seen on our site or are looking for a specific wholesale item, you can contact our team for more information.