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Buying Gadgets For A New Business

Boss on Gadgets

Starting a business can be hard; especially when you finally start to manage your stock, customers and staff, they all suddenly require gadgets to do the job. When you have to start considering computers, mobiles and tablets for your staff it can become rather expensive to buy them from new.

How We Can Help A New Business

With so many new businesses struggling for the first few years, it’s no surprise those running them don’t want to fork out for brand new gadgets. Buying second-hand computers which are in working order or with minor faults can ensure your team are equipt with quality computers for a fraction of the price.

Shop Front Business

Depending on the type of business you run will depend on the technology you will need. Many shops or storefronts now require iPads to show a product which isn’t carried in stock. If you partake in trade shows you’ll also notice that many companies carry tablets to save displaying products. Working out what you might need gadgets for in your business is a great way to work out your budget and the volume of products you need.


For companies who required mobiles for a sales team, our wholesale mobiles are great. We sell large volumes of mixed condition phones which can either be used immediately or require minor repairs. We currently have a batch of 68 iPhones in mixed conditions available.

Charity Business

For those who run charities’ like care homes, our games consoles are fantastic. We currently have a batch of 72 mixed games consoles which would be fantastic for young people to rehome and use. Games consoles are replaced on a daily basis due to new ones being developed and released; with that, the old are often sold or thrown out despite being in a good working condition.

Why we sell wholesale

We also sell a number of used tablets, mobiles iPods and laptops. Our wholesale products make for a cost-effective way of equipping a large team or group of people.

Just because a product is used doesn’t mean it’s not working or worth purchasing. Our wholesale volumes ensure when one product requires a repair there are others to utilise components from.

If you’d like to see what we have available at this current time please visit our website