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New Year, More Powerful Laptop

We know it can become costly investing in new equipment for your staff; for businesses, Christmas is always a difficult time, with VAT returns and shorter months for wages, the last thing any business needs is broken computers.

A company often grows organically; staff roles change and grow and therefore the demand on their equipment also grows. Unfortunately, as the staff work on more and more over the year, a computer which may have been adequate last year may feel unable to cope by the Christmas break.

Replacing A Working Computer

This is a situation many companies find themselves in; the computer works perfectly well, yet they have to replace it due to the programs they run or the size of files they are using. At Stock Sourcing we have a wide range of computers and Laptops with different specifications to ensure when your staff need a new PC it doesn’t cost a fortune.

We also find new companies and charities require large volumes of computers which can become a costly investment in the early stages of a brand.

Current Stock

We have a wide range of items in stock including 30 x I3 windows 8 intel AMD laptops and 30 x I5, I7 and AMD A10 Windows 8 / 10 laptops available for delivery in 2019. Enable your team to start the new year with equipment that serves their needs and helps them to get their job done as efficiently as possible.

At Stock Sourcing we are conscious of both the environment and ensuring we never supply stolen goods. All of our PC’s are checked by CheckMend software to ensure we never re-sell stolen tech. We also work to ensure the computers which you are supplied have been wiped clean; in the same way as if you purchased a computer from new.

While our current stock mainly features laptops, this can vary from time to time when we have Mac books, desktops, monitors and more. Keep an eye on our page or let us know what you are looking for so we can let you know should any of these come up for sale.

We always work closely with companies to help them find the products they require so if there’s a number of computers you’re specifically looking for please get in touch.

Any computer defects or issues will be listed in the stocklist description, so please read these carefully.