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Where do Stock Sourcing Used Gadgets Come from?

Buying second-hand goods or used gadgets can feel risky; we’ve all heard horror stories about a friend who bout a second-hand laptop off the market which turned out to be stolen goods. Just ask Del Boy and Rodney…

Unfortunately, common places to find stolen products are eBay and craigslist. It’s not just stolen electrical goods, you can find all manner of stolen products on here from bikes to fine jewellery. The reason for this is the ability to hide behind a username with no traceability.

Both of these sites have taken steps to try to prevent criminal activity; introducing rules and regulations on misappropriated electronics. Unfortunately, many criminals are still managing to bypass them using false names and details.

Serial Numbers

All electronics have a serial number; these are like an ID for an electronic and provide traceability. If a company or member of the public reports a gadget as stolen, it’s serial number is added a national database. Large companies such as Dell, have developed their own online database of stolen devices which enables you to check your device when you receive it.

Data and Passwords

Passwords and files are very personal, which is why all our devices are wiped clean before a sale.

When purchasing any second-hand electrical goods it’s important to check the files to ensure they are all empty. When you receive a pre-owned gadget, you should check their arent any passwords or files on the device. Devices that haven’t been handled by a reputable supplier may still have files and passcodes on them; this will prevent you accessing the product without the pin.

Why Are these Gadgets for sale?

At Stock Sourcing we have a wide variety of devices; they are sourced from a range of areas including companies, schools & the general public.

If you are buying a gadget online and think the price is too good to be true; it’s worth considering why. Stolen devices can be sold off at rock-bottom prices online; be sure to check out the average price of similar devices. If the seller appears rushed or nervous or unable to answer questions about the product it may be worth re-considering.

At Stock Sourcing we pride ourselves on offering products with as much information as possible which is why we include any issues they may have, their source and the number of products on offer.

If you’d like any more information or are searching for a specific range of devices, please visit our website or contact our team.