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Why Buy Wholesale Laptops

Buying the best computers, laptops and tablets doesn’t always mean you have to buy the newest. Quite often the top of the range model on the market will lose its value in 6 months in the same way a new car would.

Buying wholesale gadgets with minor defects can be a great investment; with a few simple fixes, many old laptops or phones are able to be given a new life.

If you’re someone who loves to fix old gadgets there can be a lot of money made repairing old phones, tablets, and computers. If you’re not familiar with repairing gadgets, you can find plenty of deivce specific tutorials online.

How To Find What Your Looking For

It can be tough to find what you’re looking for, we always sell our products in groups of a similar brand, operating system or model. This is the same with laptops, tablets, cameras, phones and games consols. For example, if we have a number of Mac Book pro’s we’ll sell them in bulk together; this enables any customers to utilise some machines to repair others.

How To Tell What Needs Repairing

When we list products on our website we’ll always upload images and details about any issues. Usually, our products have either ware and tare, cosmetic or minor faults. If there is any significant damage we’ll state what it is to ensure you know what you’re buying.

Do They Come With A Warranty?

On Refurbished laptops, Stock Sourcing offer a 30-day warranty. On other tested mixed grade items, a 14-day return to base warranty is offered.

Why Are They Available?

We work closely with schools, clubs and companies to take in old gadgets for recycling. This either means using old parts to repair, selling on working machines or recycling gadgets appropriately to ensure they don’t end up in general waste.

We export our gadgets all over the world helping customers buy and sell old laptops, phones and tablets. We’re proud to supply top brand consumer electronics at low wholesale prices from the UK’s number 1 supplier.

If you have any questions at all or would like to buy quality wholesale gadgets, please get in touch.

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