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Why Schools Need More Tech

We live in a world where technology is king; when we wake up we look at our phones, tablets and TV’s. When we get to work, we look at a screen all day.

At Stock Sourcing we work with businesses, schools and charities to provide more technology to those who need it but may not have the budget for it.

Why Computers Are Vital In Schools

When you look at education in the late 90’s 2000’s and even up to 2010; ‘IT’ or ‘ICT wasn’t a mandatory subject and computers were confined to one room for tech classes. Fast forward to 2019 and computers are pretty much part of day-to-day life at schools.

When children leave their formal education, the chances are they will require skills in Microsoft Office and potentially basic code skills. Unfortunately, these can’t be taught on a whiteboard. Meaning more and more schools are having to invest in technology to teach their pupils on.

The Problems Schools Have With Computers

Lack of financial resources put schools under strain to provide enough computers for a class; schools simply cannot provide 28 computers when their class sizes are over 30.

Schools are often more inclined to use laptops to teach students on as this offers flexibility. Long gone are the days where a computer lesson must be taught in a computer room. With the ability to link laptops to school wifi networks there’s no reason why a traditional English lesson can’t incorporate digital learning once a week.

How computers benefit students

Computers and laptops enable pupils to reach multiple sources for thier research; students can then be taught how to ensure research is relevant and factual. The use of the internet helps students to reach an answer with speed and accuracy. This form of learning can also greatly increase their ability to turn data into information and useful informative writing.

Helping Your School

If your school, charity or education facility needs a large volume of computers but doesn’t have a vast budget; Stock Sourcing can help. With repaired and recycled laptops students can be working on Powerpoint, Excel or coding websites for a fraction of the price.